Understanding how a conversation flows

Starting off for a lot of people they get a little bit confused as to how Conversation takes it’s next action. To that end I have created this sample chart that explains it all.


Here is a sample conversation project which is based on above.

2 thoughts on “Understanding how a conversation flows

  1. Hi, I checked your conversation tool. Despite of true, it goes back to the root and checks all the root nodes instead of remaining in the branch.
    I want my conversation to remain in the branch after a wrong input in order to continue the conversation. Do you have a solution? Thank you.

  2. If you want it to remain in the same branch, then have your last node with a condition of TRUE, and have it jump back to the little speech bubble just left of the branch you want to stay in. Normally have a comment in that node to tell the user what they did wrong.

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